Worms, Tubes, & Sticks

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Origin of the Class Crinoidea
These are my personal notes taken during a geology presentation. I give them here because they may be of some interest. Do not expect the notes to always be in complete sentences, etc....
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fossil fossils crinoid crinoids crinoidea stem stems ordovician kentucky kope formation eden edenian stage cincinnatian series
Crinoid stems (Kope Formation, Upper Ordovician; Rt. 9 roadcut near Alexandria, Kentucky, USA)
Fossil crinoid stems from the Ordovician of Kentucky Crinoids (sea lilies) are sessile, benthic, filter-feeding, stalked echinoderms that are relatively common in the marine fossil record. Crinoids are also a living...
Photo by James St. John on Flickr
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eel grass withlittle residents
very small tube worms? stuck to the blade
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