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shells boston ma massachusetts charlesriver charles racing mass hocr headofthecharlesregatta soldiersfieldroad 2013
Friday Afternoon - a practice day. 500 trailers. Thousands of boats. Nearly 10,000 athletes. FALS area and Vendor areas.
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sx210 yamahasx210 sx210boat
Taking 21-foot boats to all-new levels. The completely redesigned SX210 is a stunning combination of innovation, performance and affordability with everything you’d expect from a Yamaha and more. No detail was...
Photo by Yamaha WaterCraft on Flickr
docks cornwall falmouth yasmine
Yasmine in Falmouth Docks
or as much of it as much as I could fit in. The 203 metre long vessel can carry 305 trailers or 848 containers. She is powered by twin 12-cylinder diesel engines and has a service speed of over 21 knots. Yasmine was...
Photo by Tim Green aka atoach on Flickr