Trailer Boat Bunks

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chart of English Bay (Luna Log entry)
I posted the following description on the SCAMP forum: ----------(Luna Log, entry 7)----------- Tues, June 17, 2014 launch at Vanier Park (entrance of False Creek), English Bay solo started loading 10:30 or so left...
Photo by Dale Simonson on Flickr
And I was able to salvage the trailer. I'm going to have to redo the bunks for a flat bottomed boat, and fabricate a MUCH longer bow/winch stand. I'll post progress on this too!
Photo by SidsChuggerBuild on Flickr
Here is the trailer from the old boat. I lopped off the old bunks, the rollers, fenders, and extended the tongue... by 4 extra feet. That may be a bit much, but I can always cut it back. I also learned that the...
Photo by SidsChuggerBuild on Flickr