Used Boats Bellingham

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Bellingham Bay
Not something we are used to seeing in Bellingham Bay
Photo by jcurtis4082 on Flickr
Boats in Bellingham
I'm on vacation in a gorgeous place, and my Nikon is messed up. It won't focus properly. Once in a while, about one in fifteen, I get a good focus. I'm using the point-and-shoot as a backup, and I'll post more of...
Photo by K. Kendall on Flickr
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Betty Earles, a steamer on Lake Crescent, Clallam County, 1915
Description: The Betty Earles Steamer was named after a close relative of Mike Earles'. [Different sources name Betty as Mike's wife or Mike's daughter.] It was built on Lake Crescent then moved to...
Photo by IMLS DCC on Flickr