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'The Savannah River Queen' -- On the Savannah River at Savannah (GA) July 2012
Image by Ron Cogswell on July 15, 2012, using a Nikon D80 and minor Photoshop effects. DSC_0071
Photo by Ron Cogswell on Flickr
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'Georgia Queen' -- Savannah River (GA) 2012
The 600-passenger Georgia Queen is a triple-decker; red, white and blue stern-wheel vessel that offers a variety of different tours all through the Savannah Harbor (GA). Image by Ron Cogswell from the roof of the...
Photo by Ron Cogswell on Flickr
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High school students become hydraulic engineers for a day
SAVANNAH, Ga.—Nineteen local high school students got a “sampling” of what it’s like to be a hydraulic engineer during a boat tour of the Savannah Harbor, July 25, 2012. USACE Photo by George Jumara. The U.S. Army...