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Zombie Run Pittsburgh (203)
Volunteered to photograph at the Pittsburgh Zombie Mud Run. Do not worry no one actually died…I think. I did hear a lot of screaming. The run is a 5K with Zombies attacking you. They don’t all bite…at least...
Photo by Rhettwp on Flickr
Inter Waterway User Board Tour 2016
Pittsburgh District hosted the Inland Waterways Users Board, March 31. The visit included a tour of Montgomery and Charleroi locks and Dams. The Inland Waterways Users Board is an advisory board established to monitor...
Photo by USACE HQ on Flickr
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Beautiful Obselescence
A foggy morning along the old Delaware Canal.In the early 1800's, America was growing rapidly. Its population was increasing, westward migration had begun, and business was booming. Poor roads and unnavigable rivers...
Photo by digitalART2 on Flickr