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Sea Hunter, an entirely new class of unmanned ocean-going vessel gets underway on the Williammette River following a christening ceremony in Portland, Oregon. Part the of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency...
Photo by Office of Naval Research on Flickr
Esther Johnson, a wooden steam schooner, at sea, n.d.
Description: A wooden steam schooner completed in 1923 at the Matthews yard in Portland OR. She was the last of the long line of vessels of her type (Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society...
Photo by IMLS DCC on Flickr
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Scamp Tiller Construction Drawing
This is the drawing I did for laminating tillers for the Pirate Team. (I love it, John Welsford's SCAMP plans specify "tiller to suit," so you get to make it up yourself!!) Since building at our "Foil...
Photo by Dale Simonson on Flickr