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Coors - Batch 19
Batch 19 is a beer that is brewed by a craft beer division of Coors. It is supposed to be like of beer before Probhibition, which began in 1919. Is is based on a pre-1919 recipe found in a Coors cellar a few years...
Photo by roger4336 on Flickr
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US Airways Flight 1549 Plane Crash Hudson in New York taken by Janis Krums on an iPhone
'Miracle on the Hudson' picture taken by Janis Krums Video footage here, 2 mins in New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg paid tribute to the pilot of Flight...
Photo by davidwatts1978 on Flickr
2001 holiday norway club boat ship florida parade norwegian sarasota viking sonsofnorway
Sarasota - Sons of Norway Viking Ship
The Sons of Norway lodge in Sarasota owns and displays a Viking ship. This photo shows it in Sarasota's "Downtown Holiday Parade" in December 2001 . This Viking ship is not just for display. It floats...
Photo by roger4336 on Flickr