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Coast Guard Cutter Eagle Arrives in San Francisco
SAN FRANCISCO (July 23, 2008) -- The Coast Guard Cutter Eagle sails under the Golden Gate Bridge during the Festival of Sail on San Francisco Bay. The Eagle is a three-masted barque that carries square-rigged sails on...
Photo by Coast Guard News on Flickr
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Gig Harbor, Washington
Gig Harbor is the name of both a bay on Puget Sound and a city on its shore in Pierce County, Washington, United States. The population was 7,126 at the 2010 census. Gig Harbor is one of several cities and towns that...
Photo by Ken Lund on Flickr
Alert, a sailing yawl from Tacoma at sea, n.d.
Description: Built by Phal Joslin for himself in 1932 (Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society Note).  On boat in image: Alert, Tacoma.  Handwritten on verso: Alert.  Stamped on...
Photo by IMLS DCC on Flickr