Watercraft Repair

specialtroopsbattalion 7thsustainmentbrigade 74thdivedetachment
Army engineer divers
Army engineer divers assigned to the 74th Dive Detachment, Special Troops Battalion, 7th Sustainment Brigade work on patching a portion of the Large Tug-805 one of the brigade's watercraft assets at Fort Eustis' 3rd...
Photo by The U.S. Army on Flickr
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San Francisco's Aquatic Park, rose-pink sky at sunset, wtih fog blowing in from the ocean and dissipating before it hits the coastal hills.
Home of the National Part Service's historic ships and working repair and fabrication shops. You can watch wooden watercraft being built or maintained in the series of small workshops along the pier. The Thayer, the...
Photo by wbaiv on Flickr