Yacht Uniforms

scotland highlands alba scottish escocia highland scotia szkocja caledonia conner schottland schotland ecosse scozia skottland skotlanti skotland סקוטלנד 苏格兰 スコットランド σκωτία daveconner conner395 स्कॉटलैंड davidconner daveconnerinverness daveconnerinvernessscotland шотла́ндия أسكتلندا
The Beasts of Holm rocks near Stornoway on Isle of Lewis Scotland
The photograph depicts the warning pillar (NO light!!) mounted on the usually submerged rocks called the Beasts of Holm. These rocks claimed more than 200 lives (mostly Lewismen) who had survived all that the Great...
Photo by conner395 on Flickr
uniform yacht sister royal britannia mysister
My sister, Carole
Carole is 7 years older. Photo on Royal Yacht Britannia, Leith, Edinburgh
Photo by andreboeni on Flickr
white copenhagen denmark yacht royal sailors maritime danish uniforms yachts kobenhavn
Royal Yacht, Copenhagen
Photo by Eoghan OLionnain on Flickr