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Refshaleoen Copenhagen 20130905_001
Refshaleøen. Den internationale Melodi Grand Prix-finale flytter ind i Eurovision Island i B&W Hallerne på Reftshaleøen. med plads til 10.000 kunstnere og deres følge, delegerede, pressefolk og fans. Refshaleøen...
Photo by News Oresund on Flickr
red white harbour sails entrance scene serene yachts chichester canoneos450d
West Wittering Wonderful As Always - Sept 2012 - Red & White Sails in the Sunset
www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgetd17XTOY Rush hour at the entrance channel to Chichester harbour. Just thought it was a beautiful image which is a good enough reason for posting it, I think. The link is for Fats Domino's...
Photo by Gareth1953 All Right Now on Flickr
Phan Thiet 1965 - 'The Yacht Club'. Photo by John Hansen
We called this place 'The Yacht Club', located on the beach near the river mouth. Chúng tôi gọi nơi này là "CLB du thuyền," nằm trên bãi biển gần cửa sông.
Photo by manhhai on Flickr